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Weaponized Chess:chess+weapons

1.5 usd

Do not buy at this time. This app is broken, will not work. The November update of Android caused this paid version to go into hibernation whenever you try to use it. It may require a major effort to fix this. The free version shows no evidence of having the same problem (only difference is that it is very restricted), so use it instead.WeaponizedChess is derived from regular chess but makes many changes. It adds weapons, three-dimensionality, and tunable stealth. It is intended to be a more modern version of chess. Old chess is about knights capturing kings. WeaponizedChess is about stealthy, weapon-armed pieces contending on a modern battlefield. Have no fear, the basic nature of chess is retained: black-and-white checkerboard, one side moves then the other, defeating the enemy king is still the goal. However; as in real war, an enemy king that won't switch sides is subject to a decapitation strike.
WeaponizedChess is also an experiment in creating a game where a human player will always have an advantage over any conceivable artificial-intelligence player. This is achieved by deliberately and radically increasing the exponential burden of a computer player but in a way that any human can naturally handle. Humans will always be better guessers than computers and stealth (and other features of the game) ensheathe this nature into the game. You don't like playing chess by mail or email remotely with someone because you fear they may cheat (get advice from a chess-playing computer program)? Play this game instead. Tired of playing chess against people who have spent a lot of time building up book knowledge about chess? Play this game instead.
WeaponizedChess has an integrated board editor, a type of game notation which describes a game, a set of known popular color themes, and a set of pre-defined starting boards. This Android version is translated to 48 languages with readable in-game documentation in many but not all languages.
Here is the bad news: this Android version does not have an AI. It will not, by itself, play a game with you. Instead, you use this game program to play a game with another human in the same physical room with you using 1 tablet. This Android version of WeaponizedChess will never have an AI. Possibly a future, different version will have an AI. The next probable version will have an ability to play a game using WiFi. This version is for low-cost mobile devices which do not have WiFi but will run just fine on high-end devices. This game hardware tested to run on Nexus 7 and 10. Runs on Nexus 9 but with occasional difficulty selecting a square. Use File->Emergency Square Select in that event. Emulator tested to run on Nexus 5,4,S,One and AndroidWear Round. There IS an AI but given the nature of this game a desktop PC will always be a better place to run it than on a tablet (unless a tablet is your only possible choice).
WeaponizedChess attempts to provide a game for people who used to play chess in the past but got bored with it. Whenever regular chess does things one way, WeaponizedChess tries to do things the other way. Did you ever look at your present position during a regular chess game and wish you could move TWO pieces instead of just one? In WeaponizedChess you can often move more than 1 of your pieces during your turn.
Modern conflict is heavily dependent on military technology. In WeaponizedChess there are choppers, jets, tanks, submarines, destroyers, and combat engineers whose characteristics have been translated to a chess board. Low-observable assets play a deadly game of cat and mouse with an opponent. Infantrymen use jump-packs to fly over the battlefield. Combat scuba invisibly travels under the surface to attack.